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God Sent Genius Announces New Partnership

God Sent Genius
Photo Credit: God Sent Genius
Words: | May 5, 2023
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New musicians are continually developing and pushing the boundaries of their own musical genres, driving constant change and expansion in the music industry. God Sent Genius is one example of this type of musician. His music is a distinctive mix of hip-hop, soul, and R&B, and it has attracted the attention of music fans worldwide. Also, God Sent Genius is well positioned to take his career to new heights after the recent announcement that he has signed a distribution deal with the Equity Distribution division of Roc Nation.

Because it will allow him to release his upcoming projects, “Good Luck With Everything” and “Living Over Valuable Earth Richly,” through a company that values his independence and artistry, God Sent Genius has reached a significant milestone by forming this new partnership.

God Sent Genius is quickly becoming a prominent figure in the music industry, and he already has a sizeable fan base, as seen by the millions of people who have streamed his music. Also, due to his one-of-a-kind musical style and forward-thinking approach to making music, he stands out among his contemporaries, and the connection he has formed with Equity Distribution is evidence of his brilliance and promise. 

The fact that fans of God Sent Genius can anticipate hearing new music from the artist in the not-too-distant future is one of the many reasons why the announcement of the relationship with Equity Distribution is such fantastic news for those fans. The forthcoming projects, “Good Luck With Everything” and “Living Over Valuable Earth Richly,” are highly anticipated, and fans can expect that God Sent Genius will deliver thought-provoking and uplifting music. 

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