George Michael - Everything you wanted to know about the artist himself

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Did You Know ☆ George Michael

DID YOU KNOW??? George Kyriacos Panayiotou Michael (known as George Michael on stage) was born 25th June 1963.

His beautiful, silky voice oozed its way into the hearts of everyone who heard his music. It was impossible to find someone who didn’t (or still doesn’t) like him. He spoke volumes to large audiences and was the person behind those famous choose life tees; that paved the way for slogan fashion besides giving us his classic ‘Last Christmas’ that has stayed in the top ten charts every Christmas since its release. His website is now a tribute to the singer with a letter from George himself.

George Michael And Wham!

Aside from singing, he was also a songwriter and record producer. During the 1980’s he rose to fame as a member of music duo Wham! alongside his school friend Andrew Ridgeley before leaving to find success as a solo artist. Wham! had two number one albums and their hit singles included ‘Club Tropicana’ and ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’.

Famous Collaborations

Avoiding the curse of band to solo artist failures, Michael became even more popular in 1984 with global hit ‘Careless Whisper’. George was a big philanthropist and secretly donated millions to many charities whilst he was alive. He also attended charity events such as Live Aid in 1985, at Wembley Stadium alongside stars such as Bono, Paul McCartney, Bob Geldof and Freddie Mercury. George would then go on to duet with stars including Aretha Franklin, where their song I knew you were waiting became a smash hit. He also collaborated with Elton John, Queen and Mary J Blige.

George Michael And His Relationships

Princess Diana of Wales was amongst his best friends and he attended her funeral in 1997. After coming out as Gay owing to a public scandal, George announced he was in a long-term relationship with partner Anselmo Feleppa. He died of a brain haemorrhage in 1993. Three years later, he met Kenny Goss and they remained together until 2009.

Our legend

No matter what he went through in his private life, George will always have a special place in our hearts. Let’s hear it for the man who taught us that we gotta have faith. His music will be there for the world to hear, forever.


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