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Everyone You Know, ‘Dance Like We Used To’ – Single Review

2018 was a big year for Everyone You Know, from the release of their debut EP Cheer Up Charlie to their debut television appearance on SOCCER AM at Christmas. as well as a remix for Rag’n’Bone Man + Professor Green’s ‘Photographs’ and a massive headline show at East London’s famous ACE Hotel.

Everyone You Know are kicking off 2019 with the release of their latest single. ‘Dance Like We Used To’, from their debut EP, takes you on a nostalgia filled wild ride. Brothers Rhys and Harvey are Everyone You Know. They’re blending their own sound of the suburbs into something that is fresh, full of fire, ferocity and passion. This track is a mix of punk and rave, massive beats and everything else you could expect from a 90’s infused track.

‘Dance Like We Used To’ is infectious. It’s a genre-blending, nostalgia filled journey. It’s a modern club classic, a really well put together tune. However, the vocals are getting overpowered by the backing at times. This is a real shame as the lads both have fantastic voices and can harmonise well.

The video is in line with their debut EP, focusing on being two young men in suburbia finding their escape through parties, the visuals for ‘Dance Like We Used To’, directed by Jamie Cox and edited by Ron Nengese, are an adrenaline fueled, 90’s masterpiece.  The visuals are fantastic, it fits the vibe, and it’s a masterful creation.

Everyone You Know On The Video

The brothers go on to explain the visual element of the track further:

Rhys says “Lyrically the song is just an observation of things we have noticed on nights out raving. Whether it’s things we’ve seen our friends do and been a part of, or things we’ve seen strangers do. Most tunes you hear about going out at the moment are about the perfect night out, getting loads of bottles in a VIP booth, having a load of guys/girls round you etc. This was more a real representation of a standard night out.”

Harvey said “As for the production I wanted to make something that was different to anything else we’d done before yet still sounded like us. At the time I was listening to a lot of acid house and hardcore as well as newer garage records, this inspired me to combine 90’s rave with modern day electronic music giving the track a weird genre bending sound”

‘Dance Like We Used To’ and the Cheer Up Charlie are both available to buy and stream now.

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Watch the video below:


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