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Enter Shikari release documentary video ‘Content 2.0’

British alternative rock band Enter Shikari announced the release of a documentary video – the strategically named ‘Content 2.0’ – which is focused around the creation of the bands latest album, ‘The Spark’. The documentary clip coincides with the upcoming release of the bands limited edition hardback book which encapsulates the lyrics, essays and journey of the bands back catalogue from across the years including the creation of their very first few singles. Both the documentary video and book are set to celebrate the first anniversary of album, The Spark, rather than create more traction and promotion for the album alone.

Frontman, Rou Reynolds, stated in an interview that he wanted the fans to make up their own interpretations of the album before the band turned up with their own analysis. ‘We wanted people to be comfortable with their own interpretations and perspectives of what the album is before we started crushing their dreams with our insights and exposition’. The footage from the 12 months leading up to ‘The Spark’s creation, the video displays a behind-the-scenes look with demos of the tracks, final mastering and festival and gig footage, Reynolds hoped that ‘theres something in the footage for rabid fans and passing-interest viewers alike’. The footage has been exceptionally pieced together by the bands videographer and photographer, Tom Pullen.

Alongside the documentary, Enter Shikari have also released a remix of the bands debut single ‘Live Outside’. The track has been mixed by the bands alter-alias Shikari Sound System. The new version of the song has likewise been paired with new, vertically remixed video which has been created by the bands longtime visual collaborator Oleg Rooz.

As announced earlier this year, Shikari head out on a 28-date tour across the UK and Scandinavia this December. With sold out dates from the likes of Cardiff and Nottingham, fans will be graced with a deeper perception of the band as well as a clearer outlook on the roots of the last album. Shikari will take the stage with UK punk band, Milk Teeth who will support the band through this leg of their tour.

You can witness the documentary clip from Enter Shikari here.


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