Eminem vs MGK, is this beef for real?

Is the Eminem vs MGK beef real or fake?

The Rap game is lit at the moment, thanks in no small part to Eminem and his ongoing feud with MGK. It’s hard to say definitively, but you can make a case either way. However, I’m on the side of the prosecution for this one. It is probably fake. The first piece of evidence for consideration, is that they used the same producer. So we call Ronald Spence Jr. also known as Ronny J to the bench.

Now, it should be noted that Ronny J did not produce every track from  Kamikaze!’ Interestingly enough, he did produce and is credited as a writer on the records ‘The Ringer’ and ‘Not Alike’. The tracks on which Eminem dissed, Machine Gun Kelly known as MGK.

On ‘The Ringer’:

“So fingerbang, chiken wang, MGK, Igg’ Azae’/ Lil Pump, Lil Xan imitate Lil Wayne/ I should aim at everybody in the game, pick a name.”

Whilst Em goes in even harder on ‘Not Alike’:

“Now you wanna come and f**k with me,huh?/ This little c**ksucker, he must be feeling himself/….. you wanna come at me with a submachine gun/ And I’m talking to you but you already know who the f**k you are, Kelly?”

I will acknowledge the fact that someone can produce and write the music for a song and never hear the lyrics. Hell, two or more vocalist/mc’s can be on a track without hearing one another’s verse.

However, the prosecution would like to bring to your attention, that Ronny J also produced the track ‘Hi b****h’ for Bhad Bhabie, AKA Catch me outside girl. The flow from which it is said Eminem copies on ‘Not Alike’.

That’s starting to look a little fishy!

There is no such thing as a coincidence, if we assume Eminem had no idea that MGK would use the same producer as him, it’s more than likely that MGK knew he was using the same producer.

Which is exactly what he did, as stated on the The Breakfast Club

“We both work for interscope…..he used a Ronny J track, I used a Ronny J track, I took it to even playing ground.”

Some might say that the inappropriate tweet from 2012 was reason enough to start a beef. But MGK also reveals in the interview, that in regard to his tweet and Eminem’s daughter. There was a behind the scenes conversation between him, Paul Rosenberg and a few others, where that issue was dealt with. Eminem was not involved in this conversation due to his reclusive nature. So other than MGK’s opinions on Eminem, there was no real reason to attack him, outside of the potential buzz it it would create.

Now, Eminem has gone to great pains to tell us, on record and in the rather drawn out and somewhat anaemic series of interviews with Sway, that:

“…as irrelevant as some say I am in hip hop, if your a nobody and I say your name… you become bigger…but it doesn’t work for me”

This quite simply is not true. MGK has sold over 20 million records, has multiple platinum singles, he’s been in a John Vervatos fashion campaign and numerous acting roles. Yeah, some Stans didn’t know who he was, but you can’t despair at the cognitive dissonance you’re facing over dissing someone and potentially making them more prominent, when they were doing just fine on their own.

We live in the age of trolling and going viral. After the commercial failure and panning of revival, Eminem and his camp have tried to tune into the mindset and temperament of today’s market. However, Eminem is trying to confuse us. Common misconception is that when a big artist, collaborates with an up and coming/less well established artist, it is all to the benefit of the the smaller act. This is not true. A lot of the time it is a vapid, vampiric act, that big artist put on so they can ride the buzz or wave of the new act, whilst taking from them creatively to sustain their own career. Consider the evidence of exhibit a) Kanye West and Desiigner. He jumped on that wave, took his hit song ‘Panda’ and put it on his ‘Life of Pablo’ album. Exhibit b) the recent case of  Nikki Minaj and the current king of trolling Tekashi 6ix9ine. A match up nobody actually wanted to hear. Just like Kanye, she’s taken his song ‘Fefe’, which she had the temerity to add to her album, just to boost the numbers. (The world of streaming is a funny old game).

So you can definitely start a beef to get your clout up, again 6ix9ine has done it a couple of times. Any mention of you with a younger artist will boost you in internet searches. Your name is suddenly in a conversation it had been outside of for some years.

At the end of the day it reeks of strategic marketing people. Everyone loves rap beef. Rap beef sells. The consumers are hungry.

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