Electrobuddha Releases Brand New Single ‘Keep Dreaming’

Scottish artist, Electrobuddha, has just released his brand new single ‘Keep Dreaming’, and upbeat and infectiously catchy anthem that’s sure to warm the hearts of indie fans around the world this winter.

Hailing from the village of Glenmavis in deepest Lanarkshire, Scotland, Electrobuddha is the solo project and brainchild of musician Mark McCaffer. Having toured as backing vocalist with Horse McDonald and having seen success as a frontman in grunge outfit ‘Slacker’ at the age of 22, Mark is no stranger to the music industry. Heavily influenced by the Woodstock generation, Mark describes his music as “retro psych-rock”, fusing elements of rock music, folk and EDM to create a distinctive sound that has been compared to the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Beta Band and Jimi Hendrix by the Glasgow Daily Record.

An energetic drumbeat and jangling guitars lead Electrobuddha’s latest single ‘Keep Dreaming’, with catchy brass melodies completing the feel good arrangement. Backing vocals that sound like they’re straight out of the 60s complement Mark’s melodies throughout, which will be stuck in your head from the first listen.

If you love authentic indie music with an upbeat vibe, don’t miss out on Electrobuddhas latest release, ‘Keep Dreaming’.

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