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Elderbrook, ‘Old Friend’ – Single Review

The singing sensation of Camelphat’s hit ‘Cola’, Elderbrook, has released his latest single and EP Old Friend. The single which makes up the EP’s title is one of four tracks from the London-born music producer and singer. Hot off the back of his Grammy nomination, Elderbrook dropped his first single since the release of ‘Cola’. The single emulates house and synth-pop alike in this upbeat sing-a-long making it a winner across all genres.

The track has a consistent steady beat through from a retro sounded bass guitar. Pairing this with his charming vocal hooks has made ‘Old Friend’ one of the most exciting tracks of the EP. As well as being a sure favourite amongst himself. The simplistic arrangement is evident across all the tracks of the EP, most similarly to the transcending tones of ‘Capricorn’. Both of these two tracks lead the way in getting lodged in your brain.


Elderbrook Shares His Thoughts

Speaking to Dancing Astronaut, Elderbrook said he “wanted to release these songs as a body of work to show where I’ve been musically over the last year”. He states that the EP runs “ahead of next year when I plan to release my album”. The upbeat synth progression within the track mimics the structure of ‘Cola’ which topped many summer playlists this year.

The layers of sound within ‘Old Friend’ only emphasise Elderbrook’s sexy tone that spans across the whole EP. In this particular track, Elderbrook sings about falling into old habits when meeting up with old friends. Which of course, is relatable for pretty much everybody. His charismatic songwriting is something that is becoming renowned thus looks to continue in every track made.

If ‘Old Friend’ is the start of what is to come for Elderbrook the future only seems to be as equally as bright as ‘Cola’. It’s evident that he’s making his name known across all music scenes. Especially after expressing that his diverse songwriting ability comes from his love for all genres of music. 2018 seems to have just been the start for Elderbrook, and we can’t wait to hear what the new year brings for him.

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