Dua Lipa, Mark Ronson and Diplo, ‘Electricity’ – Single Review

Dua Lipa became famous through YouTube at the tender age of 14 and since then her fame has increased steadily. She has won various awards and even been given the key to the city of Prishtina in her home country of Kosovo- a first of its kind.

Her pop music is known for being light hearted and good humoured so you know you have a good song in your hands when she collaborates with some equally as awesome names. A couple of awesome names in fact.

If you haven’t heard of Silk City then don’t feel bad. They are a joint project consisting of Mark Ronson and Diplo. The name comes after the Philadelphia venue and diner where Diplo got his start as a DJ.

Of course everyone knows Mark Ronson, he is almost iconic. He is mostly famous for his collaboration with Amy Winehouse and the song Valerie which is still recognised as a chart topper today. He also got a bit of bad press when he was made to take singing lessons (much like Lily Allen) after people were complaining the DJ couldn’t sing.

Diplo is also a  DJ and record producer based in LA, California. He is the co-creator and lead member of the electronic dancehall music project Major Lazer, and now he is part of newly created Silk City.

The three stars came together to create new song “Electricity.” A fun, upbeat song with Dua leading the vocals and main choreography for the music video. Set in a grungy room of a block of flats, Dua dons a cropped top and red panties while dancing through the flat creating her own electricity which then attracts a house party of people who join in the fun. Silk City make an appearance also but don’t sing.

The song is catchy and will definitely shoot up the charts very soon. It’s refreshing to hear a song that isn’t about break up!

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