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Donald Newholm Releases New Solo Single ‘Goat Boat

Songwriter, musician and comic, Donald Newholm, has released ‘Goat Boat’, the debut single from his upcoming solo album ‘Hubris’ and it is just as quirky as you would expect from the London based artist.

Inspired by the likes of Scott Walker, Tom Waits and David Bowie, Donald is a multi instrumentalist, whose music has previously been described as ‘deliciously reckless’ and ‘pure and unusual genius’. Having spent ten years with comedy act ‘Pig with the Face of a Boy’, he has been left with a collection of unreleased material, which after building a studio and collating an album’s worth of tracks, is ready to be showcased.

‘Goat Boat’ is the first of Donald’s new material to be released. It draws influences from folk music, orchestral
music, jazz and even circus music. The track is beautifully
bazaar and makes you want to jive right off the bat with its fast-paced, bouncing rhythm. If music that eschews modernity and screams originality is your thing, be sure to add ‘Goat Boat’ to your playlist.

George Millington

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