Don Broco release their music video for track ‘The Blues’

Don Broco have released the video to their single, ‘The Blues’ recently. The video features the band touring festivals and arenas since the release of their album ‘Technology’ back in February of this year. ‘Technology’ has been critically claimed to be an album designed for Don Broco’s stellar live show performances that are known to pack fire and punch. Full of tracks that have choruses that spin around your head for hours, the album favourite ‘Come Out To LA’ is one of many tracks that saw Broco’s middle-of-the-road song-writing abilities come to life in turn making it a masterpiece. However, it is their track ‘The Blues’ that is reminiscent of the band’s debut album ‘Priorities’ that is full of intricate layers and melodic tones. The track strikes a solid middle-balance between predictability and unconventional.

The band’s choice of video for the track based on the comments from critics far and wide simply works in its favour. Don Broco know that their live show sparks carnage and that they’re renowned for it, so why not make a video to prove that? With clips of the arena tour performance of ‘The Blues’ and festival appearances across the globe the impact of the crowd movement with the pyrotechnics from the back of stage makes the footage in the video high energy. Paired together with the liveliness of the bands stage presence, the video is everything the track screams out.

The duration of the video shows clips of the band behind the scenes through their travels around the globe. With enjoyment across the entire Broco family pretty evident, it seems 2018 has been an energetic dream for them. For the band, this video is one that they will look back on in the future and remember as the year Broco finally made their mark. Who knows? But the video certainly pays homage to everything they have achieved this year since the album’s release and all the fun they’ve had along the way.

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