Domo Genesis, ‘Online’ – Single Review

When OddFuture first erupted onto the Hip Hop scene, they were an unexpected whirlwind, fresh to death and brash as f***. Of the many members and affiliates Tyler, The Creator is easily the most well known, yet there is no ignoring the other bright stars of the group such as Syd the Kid of The Internet, Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean and Domo Genesis.

‘Online’ is the lead single from his new EP Facade Records. It opens like a misty eyed, 70’s glamour dream sequence, before that real Cali G- funk bass kicks in. With the snap in the drums, the pulse has your head bobbin as Domo slides in with the hook to get the story underway.

“It feel like a crime… No, I can’t change my way, feel good, bruh N****s don’t make it from my hood, That’s why I’m gettin’ high”

Domo Genesis gives us two perspectives, telling all the internet trolls, haters and fake gangsters to “Stay online” because they don’t want this smoke. Verse one is delivered in quick fire raps, coming from the viewpoint of someone, who lives and makes their money on the streets and keeps it all the way trill.

“Riding through the city on some dirty s*** , No murder I’m flirting with, I’m nerveless, You just a gimmick purchase, B****, I’m still that n** in person”

The song continues to elucidate, on the serious nature of his reality and struggling with the pressure of living that lifestyle.  All the while he clearly doesn’t give a damn about the trolls and fake Gs, cause he’s making that paper.


“I know how urgent it gets, cut all that silly s***, Came in the building to break these millies with my affiliates, We on the high line, you picturing from the sidelines, I’m ’bout the commas, f*** the dot com…”

The second persona is expressed with a more relaxed tone, ‘I’ve already made it and I’m living my best life’ flow. This time, the bars puts make its statement to the keyboard warriors, by stuntin’ on them big time.

“I been catching real vibes, what do you believe? I been up here workin’, I been smokin’ weed, Half a dozen tricks that I got up my sleeve, I don’t see too many ways that I can’t succeed”

Come the finale of the song, Domo rings off a final warning.

“Stay yo’ ass online, ‘Cause y’all ain’t built for this s***, for real though, Stay yo’ ass online, ‘Cause you don’t really want it in real life”

Nuff said.

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