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David G Buckley, ‘Boomshot’ – New Music

Words: | June 18, 2021
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Energy is gushing by the barrel load with the new single, ‘Boomshot‘ by David G Buckley. The song is a testament to the greatness that the Irish singer-songwriter has up his sleeve, and he managed to captivate the entire crew here as soon as it started playing.

This new one quenches the thirst with an entire bag of infectious melodies and hooks oozing from the mix, much like a refreshing drink on a hot summer day. Also, David blends numerous genres into one, including indie and feel-good swing, to bring a new edge to the forefront of modern pop.

Boomshot‘ begins with an acoustic guitar rhythm, sending the listener’s feet into a frenzy. Even before the vocals have climbed to the top of the complex, it is instantly catchy. However, when David joins the mix, the soundscape completely opens up, and David’s exciting tone slams into the mix with gusto.

David cleverly tells a scenario of two people communicating to one another through his lyrics. It’s almost as if you’re listening in on a conversation where one person is dull, and the other is drawing them back in and giving them a kick in the rear end. Furthermore, it is a gripping storey that demonstrates David’s talent as a songwriter and storyteller.

The production grows increasingly prominent as the track proceeds, and the structure changes regularly, keeping the excitement flowing from beginning to end. As a result, if this track is any indication, David will be climbing through the ranks in no time. Let’s, hope he keeps them coming because this one is the treat that keeps on giving.

You can check out the new single, ‘Boomshot‘ by David G Buckley below. Also, for more information on David Buckley and his music, head over to his official Instagram account here.

Colby Morrel