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Darcy Louch Interview With Colby

Darcy Louch
Photo Credit: Darcy Louch
Words: | November 30, 2022
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Singer-songwriter, Darcy Louch stopped by for a chat!

Colby: What Do You Enjoy Most About Being A Musician?  

Darcy: I’d say the fact that it feels natural – I don’t have to try when I’m singing, I just go out there and sing. When I’m writing / putting together a song, I really love that moment when everything falls into place. 

Colby: Which Track Of Yours Means The Most To You?

Darcy: It’s hard to choose one because I try to write about things that I have experienced, so they’re mostly all quite personal to me. But, I’d say ‘Worst Enemy’ because it was the first song that I released and is all about overcoming your own self-doubt, which is something I struggle with a lot sometimes!

Colby: The First-Ever Gig You Played, Can You Remember It? How Was It?

Darcy: My first ever gig was at The Fiddlers Elbow in Camden, October 2021. I was really nervous, and had been anxious all day leading up to the gig. But when I got on stage, I just got on with it and really enjoyed myself! I was really proud of myself afterwards. 

Colby: What Do You Think Is The Key To Success As A Musician?

Darcy: I think that you have to be prepared to put yourself out there – otherwise no one will hear your music! It can be daunting, but just being present and involved in the music scene (live and on social media) is probably one of the most important things.

Colby: If You Wasn’t A Musician, What Job Would You Be Doing?

Darcy: This is quite an easy one for me as music is not my full-time job – I’m a teacher in Special Education.


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