Mon. Jan 25th, 2021
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Hyperactive and prolific songwriter Daniel Romano has released ‘Silent Rave’, a new album of his side project Ancient Shapes, coming just a year after the band’s homonym debut CD.

The Canadian, who is well known for – to put it someway – not entirely following the music industry’s rules, has been pretty busy lately.

Only this year, Romano has published two CDs under his own and main project, but has been very active lately with Ancient Shapes, touring and recording. In November 30 he is putting out his third album under so far this year, ‘Empty Husk’, via New West Records.

The new Ancient Shapes album follows the same formula seen in the previous album, with tracks rarely going above two minutes long. However, this time there is more melody and harmonies than those seen in the first CD.

Ancient Shapes has also released a video for ‘Giant Comma’, the album opener. In it, Romano and his band play at Lee’s Palace in Toronto for YCTV in a show earlier this year.

Ancient Shapes will be touring Europe October and November, stopping in the UK from October 15 to October 22. Tickets for the shows have been reportedly selling out quite fast.

Following ‘Modern Pressure’ – which brought great tracks such as ‘Roya’, ‘The Pride of Queens’ and ‘Ugly Human Heart’ part one and two – and maybe because Romano is as much a musician as an artist, he put out two new albums this year on his Bandcamp page.

‘Human Touch’ and ‘Nerveless’, which are not in the singer’s Spotify account, are difficult to find now as they have been deleted from the page, and were on download only when they were released.

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