Mon. Jan 18th, 2021
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The American shared a new track ahead of a European tour, in his first appearance since the critically acclaimed ‘Face Your Fear’.

‘Where We Are’ is another piece of music suitable for the soundtrack of the next James Bond film, a style Harding is an expert at and that has done so much good for him.

For seven expansive minutes, a string section embellishes the nice groove provided by the drums and the rhythmic acoustic guitar. Above that, Harding’s personal vocals flow nicely on the top, reigning through the whole track.

“I felt your head on my shoulders / And the brush of your hair / Just when I turn / To hold you, baby / No one was there,” Harding sings.

“I know / It doesn’t matter where I go / I know that you won’t ever show / It doesn’t matter what I do / Just livin with the ghost of you,” the American goes on in the chorus.

The new single is the follow up of Harding’s latest album, ‘Face Your Fear’ – his second studio work – which gained excellent reviews by the critics, with tunes such as ‘Need Your Love’ or ‘Wednesday Morning Atonement’.  He has a sound handle on how to create tracks that work and find a home with many.

His first album, ‘Soul Power’, surprised everyone with a mixture of soul, blues and soft rock. ‘Next Time’ is the master piece in that CD, with more than four million plays in Spotify.

Harding will be touring Europe this Autumn, stopping at The Netherlands, France, Belgium and Germany. In the United Kingdom, the American will be playing in Bristol, Manchester and London.

The singer has just been supporting Lenny Kravitz in the US, with gigs in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, as well as playing solo gigs all summer in his home country.

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