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Cryptic Kanye, teases new album

It looks like there’s a new chapter in the ‘Wyoming project’ and it’s called Yhandi. The internet has been whipped into a frenzy, as details of a follow up to 2013’s Yeezus began to spread online, due to Kanye’s cryptic Tweets yesterday.

Having just been announced as the first music artist on the new season of Saturday Night Live, Kanye went forth and posted the lineup for SNL, which has his name down as Yhandi.

He also posted an image of a Mini Disk that looks very similar to that of Yeezus, with a note stating ‘Yhandi 9 29 18’.

So now he is comparing himself to Ghandi? I guess his wave of new thinking, all love and absolutely no filter, allows him to make such comparisons, without even flinching.   So now it seems after having been pretentious enough to have compared himself to Jesus he is following that up with Ghandi? Whos next, Dr Martin Luther King? Knowing Kanye, it’s completely possible. 

Kanye really seems to be in his creative bag at the moment, releasing 5 albums in a month. Yet fresh from knocking out a phenomenal album – Pusha T – Daytona

Some ok ones – Kids See Ghost – I expected more of this new collaboration with Kid Cudi, Teyana Taylor – Not as great as it sounded on Instagram.

And a couple subpar albums. Sorry Nas. Ye really?

I hope he finishes his long term collaboration on a Chance the Rapper project. Plus he also announced recently that there is to be a Watch the Throne 2, it’s fair to say that the other artist involved in that isn’t Jay – Z. Whilst he is to be commended for his output this year, I’ve been rolled on by the Kanye circus, more than once  so I’m withholding hope and expectation until I see a finished project.

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