Country On The Coast Returns For 2023


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Country On The Coast Returns For 2023

Country On The Coast
Photo Credit: Country On The Coast
Words: | March 30, 2023
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Hannah Roper, a Business Coach and Mentor, created Country on the Coast in 2018. Hannah understood the importance of live engagements and being able to connect with your audience as a musician and as a brand as an award-winning Country singer-songwriter herself.

Hannah, who was finding it increasingly difficult to go to shows owing to family obligations, looked outside the box to figure out how she could still be a key contribution to the UK country music scene. Most large country music festivals were north of London, and it was difficult for UK country music to get into the southern area other than little one-off events, so what does someone with a solution-oriented mindset do? They make their own possibilities!

The three-day Country on the Coast Festival aims to provide a weekend of fun, laughter, and love for all fans of country music. It gives opportunity to perform to both seasoned performers and up-and-coming musicians who wish to expand their experience and audience base. It’s the place to go to see old and new acquaintances and feel a sense of community with like-minded people.

Together with fantastic music, the Gaiety, Southsea supports the event with a special festival food menu, a steady supply of drinks, including speciality cocktails, and a venue that most events would envy! There are vendors offering great country-style items, and of course, the artist’s goods is available for purchase!

Join Hannah and the Country on the Coast Team for a weekend of music, fun, and laughter at The Gaiety in Southsea on 21/22/23 April 2023. Day and full weekend tickets start at £20 and can be purchased at

Colby Morrel

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