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Are Milk-Powered Planes The Future For Transport?

Words: | August 19, 2022
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Coldplay is looking for even more methods to become more environmentally friendly as a band, and while they have improved many aspects of their operation, Chris Martin has confessed that one area where they are struggling is transportation.

Furthermore, Chris said: “We’re about halfway where we want to go. A place we are struggling is transport. That’s where we need help and we need technology to develop so that we can fly in a plane powered by milk or something like that. So if anyone is making a milk-based plane…”

Chris, also went on to say: “We’ve been working with some amazing brains to see how we can cut down as much of the environmental impact as possible.”

“We still have quite a long way to go, but we’ve already come quite a long way. And there are some things that we didn’t dream were possible that are possible.”

George Millington

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