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Cleopatrick perform sell-out gig at OMEARA

From Cobourg in Canada, Cleopatrick are the modern age of rock musics latest newcomers. After the release of their latest EP, ‘the boys’, the band have done nothing but sore. GSGM had the honour of catching their first ever sell-out London tour date at OMEARA last Wednesday. The boys sent the crowd into mosh pit after mosh pit, with every single one of their lyrics shouted back at them.

If anyone’s making their mark on the music industry right now, it’s Cleopatrick.

Band members Luke Gruntz and Ian Fraser grew up with each other. Surrounding themselves with seventies rock with the likes of AC/DC developed their mutual musical vision. They have thus far made appearances on numerous Spotify and Apple Music playlists. Since their comeuppance in 2016, the band have continued to mark their territory across the globe. It is clear to see that the successes of two-piece rock bands such as Royal Blood and Drenge have helped to shape the bands’ wall of sound.


Demonstrating raw drum beats and bluesy riff patterns, the band has established a dedicated following across the world. Despite joining an oversaturated genre, the process has been nothing but positive for the two besties. They have two self-made DIY EP’s in the bag and have toured constantly. The dedication of this band is rife. Their ambition to change what the world thinks of rock music is equally impressive.


Cleopatrick played alongside fellow newrockmafia bandmates and friends, Ready The Prince. The Toronto 3-piece displayed a stellar warm-up that felt nostalgic of 00s rock but somewhat modern and fresh. It cannot’ go unnoticed how much musical talent this band displayed. The confidence shown by the band could almost place them as old-timers in the live circuit. Every cutting fill on the drum, and every shred of the guitar went by with precision and ease. They showcased natural, energetic showmanship and the band dynamic with the crowd was comfortable yet fun. The rawness of their take on transformative rock is fresh. Especially as the genre has suffered a demise over previous years. Frontman Steve DeCiantis’s vocals fall somewhere between Matt Schultz (Cage The Elephant) and Jason Aalon Butler (FEVER 333). And display such grit and integrity.

And if you didn’t know Ready The Prince before, you certainly did now.

Everyone had their head banging along to tracks such as ‘All The Love (I Have To Give)’ and ‘Torn Up’. And one thing was clear, these guys knew how to throw a mosh together.

Despite the bands frontman, Luke, coming on to the stage forgetting his guitar, Cleopatrick instantly dominated their sell-out show. They kicked off with fan-favourites ‘daphne did it’ and ‘bernard trigger’. It was evident that everyone in the crowd was ignited by the quick display of passion and talent. Ready The Prince simply couldn’t show their love for their friends more after speeding across the stage and flinging themselves into the crowd as cleopatrick debuted two new singles. Vocalist, Luke took hold of the stage and demonstrated his prowess as a frontman. In the bands latest single, ‘sanjake’ he showed an exceptional display of vocal range.

With another favourite from the bands latest EP following on from the new singles, the performance of ‘the depths’ showed just how talented the pair are. Ian’s tight, cutting sounds paired with the penetrating riffs from Lukes bass is what gives the track its ‘depth’. And just to mark their territory more, in true frontman style, Luke threw himself into the crowd as he shred across the last chorus.

The band are trying to change the perception of rock in the industry. And it is certain that whatever you thought of rock before, has become so much more with cleopatrick on the scene.

With a staggering 17 million streams on Spotify alone, if there is one track that can sum up what this band are about its ‘hometown’. As soon as it started with the simple rhythmic chord and short but cutting fills from Ian, everyones hairs were on end. The tracks honest and brutal lyrics are crafted so well that absolutely anyone could relate to them. For this reason it felt the most anticipated track of the night. It seems that the bands transparency and integrity in this track are what makes it so cutting for its fan-base. And it certainly didn’t disappoint either.

And if ‘hometown’ wasn’t enough to mark their stamp on London, the boys began the end of the night with an incredible performance of another of their singles ‘youth’. Being one of the most riff focused tracks across the whole EP, it sent the exhausted and sweaty crowd into a frenzy. With legs and arms everywhere, it was so evident that everyone wanted to end the night with a bang. And what a bang it was.

Cleopatrick ended the night with an absolutely sheer display of musical passion with what can only be described as a shred off between the two best mates.

It was clear to see just how much the night meant to these two guys from the little town of Cobourg.

And what is great and so refreshing to see is just how much passion they have got to give. With rock music fading into the background over the last 10 years, it’s bands like cleopatrick that are going to be changing what we hear as rock for decades to come.

With performances at Citadel still to come in the UK over summer, it’s an exciting time for cleopatrick. Although talks of their debut album are in the background of their thoughts right now, we know that it’s on the cards. For now, taking on the rest of the world with more touring is the focus. As well as thriving off of the successes of their latest single releases. And after dominating the entirety of OMEARA it’s clear to see that this band are certainly not through with the UK just yet. Until next time cleopatrick, we look forward to your return.



Cleopatricks EP ‘the boys’ is available on all streaming platforms, including Spotify, now.

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