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Circa Waves, ‘Movies’ and ‘Be Somebody Good’ – Single Review

Christmas lights are lit up around the county, pay day has just arrived and the holidays are only weeks away. What could possibly get you MORE excited than this? That’s right…new music from your favourite bands! As is customary in the lead up to Christmas, artists from all over the world are announcing 2019 tours alongside the release of new music. We have already heard new music from Rita Ora, Clean Cut Kid, JAWS and Ten Tonnes. Now, Liverpool’s Circa Waves have joined in with a double release titled ‘Movies’.

These two new tracks come from the band’s third album, due for release on April 5th 2019 and is the band’s first new music since 2017. After following up their feel good debut record with the more angst driven ‘Different Creatures’ fans have been eagerly waiting to see what direction the Scoursers will head in. The songs capture the desires we all have to attain a certain self image, and create a life that matches the plan in our head.



The first track ‘Movies’ still emits the euphoric energy that has given the band their name, with an added electronic element similar to the latest album from The Wombats. It is another upbeat exploration of young lovers coming of age. With references to Hounds Of Love (hopefully the Futureheads version) and dreamy driving, it creates an Indie aesthetic straight out of a Netflix love story. It is certainly a song that will perfectly complement the warm hazy days of Spring when the record is released.

The second track ‘Be Somebody Good’ however, provides a slightly new sound from the previous two albums. The suspense builds throughout the song before exploding into an expansive, Bastille esc chorus. It suggests that this 3rd record could go down a more powerful, anthemic road, a sound perfectly suited for their 2019 UK tour announced December 3rd and a sound that is sure to excite all Circa Waves fans!

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