Chris Andreucci, 'Strangers In A Bar' – New Music


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Chris Andreucci, ‘Strangers In A Bar’ – New Music

Chris Andreucci
Photo Credit: Chris Andreucci
Words: | August 19, 2022
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Chris Andreucci takes over New Music Friday with his new single, ‘Strangers In A Bar’. It is a release that shines a bright light not just on Chris’s abilities but also on the quality of country music that is rising through the ranks!

‘Strangers In A Bar’ is all we could come to expect from an artist of Chris’ calibre, and he delivers the goods with absolute assurance! Furthermore, the Scottish native who currently resides in the United States presents us with an experience unlike any other with a vocal that has us gushing with excitement, much like a young girl would be if she were attending a concert given by one of her heroes.

The melody is entrancing, and the multitude of sounds that emerge as the track progresses keeps us fascinated for the whole of it; as soon as it finishes, we are back in for more!

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