BRONCHO release new album ‘Bad Behaviour’

The Americans put out ‘All Choked Up’ as the latest single of their new studio work, the fourth so far, showing that they have more to say since ‘Class Historian’, their biggest hit released four years ago.

‘Bad Behaviour’, which came out early October via Park The Van, has more light than its predecessor ‘Double Vanity’ (2016, Dine Alone Records), but keeps the cinematic vibe seen in the band’s previous work.

‘All Choked Up’ is a short piece of shiny and uplifting music, with a straight forward but very effective drum groove that carries you through the song. The perfect song to face a gloomy day.

“Don’t sit down, I need to say something / I need to say another before I get choked up / I wanna dig deep and I wanna dig deeper / Unless you use another way to get choked up,” singer Ryan Lindsey says.

“My mom said this five years ago / Wonder if you ever even looked this up / I bet you feel fine, I bet you need Money / I bet you need another, you could get touched up,” Lindsey goes on.

BRONCHO gained success after their song ‘It’s On’, a track from second album ‘Just Enough Hip To Be Woman’, was played over the closing credits of “Females Only”, the first episode of the third season of HBO series Girls.

However, the band’s biggest success in terms of appearances on films was ‘Class Historian’, which was used in a commercial featuring Kate Hudson, for her Fabletics brand of women’s athletic clothing.

The song has more than 20 million plays on Spotify.

‘Class Historian’ was also played on the soundtrack for film Vacation, as well as on an episode of Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet, with Drew Barrymore among others.

The band will be touring their new album this winter the US and Canada.

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