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Bring Me The Horizon, ‘amo’ – Album Review

Multi-platinum selling, Grammy nominated Bring Me The Horizon released their highly anticipated sixth album ‘amo’ today. The Sheffield rock band have been kicking around the industry for the past 15 years. Starting out as a deathcore band, they have certainly come a long way and undergone some changes over the years. Their seemingly delayed 6th studio album certainly confirms a stylistic evolution. Combining their hardcore roots with contemporary EDM, the band had a clear message from the start. They may not be the heavy metal band they once were, but that’s alright. To be quite frank, BMTH understand the game. Times are changing, and the music industry is crying out for something different daily.

Bring Me The Horizon New Album

The 13-track listed album is nothing but a fusion of post hardcore and alternative rock. Tracks such as ‘ouch’ and ‘fresh bruises’ lead the way in the evolution of the 2019 BMTH. Taking eclectic influences from across all EDM genres, instead of the harsh vocalisation by Oli Sykes with riffs upon riffs, we now have blaring synthesisers and pulsating soundscapes. The album even features a collaboration with art-pop princess Grimes.

The album was recorded under RCA in Los Angeles with frontman Oli Sykes and Keyboardist Jordan Fish handling the new wave production. Three of the singles from the album have already amassed over 100 millions streams. Their latest single from the album ‘mother tongue’ received it’s first premiere earlier this week by Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1. You can listen to the track here. As much as the new direction seems to be a step out the ordinary to BMTH fans, they’re quick to forget the friendships the band have across genres. Oli Sykes once performed with Skrillex pre-breakthrough in 2009.

Of course, the transcendent from the bands ‘heavy’ days was only going to bring with it upset. One track from the album ‘Heavy Metal’ sees a collaboration between BMTH and beatboxer from The Roots, Rahzel. The track explicitly targets fans who are upset about the bands change in direction. The thrilling chorus screams “the kid on the ‘Gram with the Black Dahlia tank says it’s not heavy metal”. But of course, the band had to give in at some point and gave the fans their heaviest breakdown to date.

2019 is already proving to be a huge year for Bring Me The Horizon following on from a successful 2018. They have already received a Grammy nomination for track ‘MANTRA’ taken from the new album.

As well as their first slow on Sunday Brunch, and we all know that’s when you know you’ve made it. The band also will be debuting at All Points East in Victoria Park, London. Curating and headlining the Friday night of the second weekend on the 31st May. They stand alongside American hip-hop duo, Run The Jewels, as well as critically acclaimed UK punk rock band IDLES. All of this, whilst kicking off their American tour too proving that they are one of the most exciting rock bands to come out of the UK to date.

Tickets for Bring Me The Horizon’s headline performance at All Points East are on sale now.

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