Bonnie Spencer FT. Jovanny Fabrice, 'Gone' – New Music


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Bonnie Spencer FT. Jovanny Fabrice, ‘Gone’ – New Music

Bonnie Spencer
Photo Credit: Bonnie Spencer
Words: | June 22, 2022
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With her track, ‘Gone’, singer-songwriter Bonnie Spencer has us with a deep sensation of finding something special! Also, what a delight it is to listen to this gem while the sun beats down on us during this early summer heatwave in London!

The upbeat groove is hard to refuse, and Bonnie Spencer immediately confirms her talent with a performance that rivals some of the biggest names in the industry! The song has catchy melodies that are easy to get lost in, a groovy guitar riff, and an R&B and soul foundation peppered with pop textures. Additionally, Jovanny Fabrice brings extra flair to the encounter, and after it is over, we are immediately back in for more!

Check it out below.

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