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Bombay Bicycle Club Tease New Music

After 3 years out of business, Bombay Bicycle Club teased their return to music last Monday. A 27-second clip of instrumental music captioned ‘some exciting news from us’ was added to the bands Youtube page. The clip was based in a studio setting with all band members back together.

Bombay Bicycle Club debuted in 2009 with debut album ‘I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose’. The band made appearances across the UK including at Isle of Wight Festival back in 2010. They then went on to release a further 3 albums. The most recent being ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’ which scored the band their first number one album in the UK.

It was 3 years ago that the band decided to take some time out to pursue solo careers. Their final performance took place in 2014 at Londons, Earls Court. The show saw a joint performance between the band and Pink Floyd guitarist, David Gilmour. Together they performed Pink Floyd track ‘Wish You Were Here’. Since Bombay Bicycle Clubs departure in 2014, members of the band have gone on to create their own solo albums. Jack Steadman, A.K.A Mr Jukes found great success with his debut solo album, ‘Gods First’. The album reached dizzy heights including the most recent at sunny Bestival last year. Bass player Ed Nash also went on to produce his own solo album ‘The Pace Of Passing’ under the name, Toothless.

With the success stories of their solo albums under their belts, it is an exciting time for Bombay Bicycle Club fans. It is obvious to see how far the band has come through their solo careers, technically and through their songwriting.

So, what are we likely to expect from the band?

First, the tight production and technique demonstrated by Jack Steadman under Mr Jukes is something we can expect to come to the band in full swing. Second, the familiar impeccable songwriting abilities from all, which can only fluctuate further. And finally, the undisputed harmonious vocal talent in this band is something that will never die, it can only become more mesmerising. However, the possibilities of what’s next are quite simply endless. Everything that we know and love about Bombay Bicycle Club is about to transcend into it’s next chapter and we can’t wait.

Check out Bombay Bicycle Club on all streaming platforms, including our favourite single by them “Always Like This“.

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