Bring Me The Horizon, ‘Medicine’ – Single Review

Bring Me The Horizon, from Sheffield, often known by the acronym BMTH, are one of the most successful rock bands in the UK.  Consequently, the group have sold over 2 Million albums and played sell-out shows in over 40 countries.

‘Medicine’ is the band’s third single release.  The group has their imminently dropping album Amo, out on January 25th through RCA.  The band have shifted the release date back by two weeks.

The group seem to have introduced a brand new electro-pop sound that might bother their metalcore fans.  Some of those metalcore fans have already showed signs of disappointment.  


BMTH Discuss The Single

Therefore, frontman Oli Sykes seems to be addressing this point as he cleverly sings the new track, “So I’m sorry for this / it might sting a bit”.

‘Medicine’ is really floating in the pop sphere.   You’d be forgiven, at first listen, for mistaking this track for some other bands’ song.   The very recognisable guitars in the chorus lead fans that its BMTH.

In this single, ‘Medicine’, along with the other two singles previously released, only increase the curiosity and expectation of the new album.  The intense single ‘Mantra’ and the stream of consciousness-type track ‘Wonderful Life’, show the band is playing with sound and structure.

In the meantime, Bring Me The Horizon appear to show their taste for experimentation.   Consequently, The band blur the lines of traditional rock, always taking it to the next level. Therefore, it is impossible to take their sound for granted.

As a result, this multi-platinum selling band are on course for world domination in 2019.  The band have been given a fresh Grammy Nomination.  The group have also shared news of their curated headline shows at the All Points East festival in May and a sold-out US Arena tour. 

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