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Kurt Vile, ‘Bassackwards’ – Single Review

The American songwriter releases next month his seventh solo album ‘Bottle It In’, his first solo work in three years.

The new CD has seen the release of two singles so far, with the second being ‘Bassackwards’, a ten-minute track that carries on with the chilled out vibe that has always worked so well for Vile.

Following his latest studio recording ‘Lotta Sea Lice’ (2017), the album he co-wrote with Australian Courtney Barnett, Vile comes back with a new solo album that takes us back to that somewhat slow but comfortable strummed, sometimes picked guitar.

If anyone first knew about Vile by listening to his sixth and critically acclaimed ‘b’live me I’m goin down” (2015), this album, which comes out on October 12 via Matador Records, will surely be on their turntables and playlists. Just sit back and relax and go with the vibe.

The new track came out alongside a video that contributes to transport the listener to some remote part of the US west coast, with images of what looks to be a hippy community during the Summer of Love.

‘Bottle It In’ saw in August the release of a previous single, ‘Loading Zones’, which already has over a million plays on Spotify. Another pure-Kurt Vile track, this time the standard 4-minute long, that also came out alongside a video.

In this one we see the singer escaping from a couple of LA cops that try to fine him, apparently, only for driving a cool red vintage sports car.

Kurt Vile will tour the songs of ‘Bottle It In’ in Europe later this year, starting in Germany the day the album comes out, and won’t get off the road until December. After a little rest in January, Vile will cross the Atlantic back to play the US and Canada until April.


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