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Basement, ‘Disconnect’ – Single Review

Basement have just released their new song ‘Disconnect’ and it will get people talking for sure. When lead vocalist Andrew Fisher starts singing you can’t help comparing him and his band to punk group Green Day (Think ‘American Idiot’) crossed with the fashion sense of The Kaiser Chiefs. When it comes to describing their musical style it’s a little bit rock, a bit grunge and a handful of punk. Many would describe the song as early 2000’s and I quite like the elements of the music video. It’s classic, typical, and focuses on the music which is something lacking in music videos lately.

Who is Basement? Basement is an English rock band who got together in 2009. The Ipswich based group released only two albums before going on a hiatus- the first called ‘I Wish I Could Stay Here’ released in 2011 and in 2012 they released ‘Colour Me Kindness’ which led to an album tour after charting the Billboard top 200.

The band went on hiatus in 2012 and decided to reunite again in 2014 releasing an EP called Further Sky and Promise Everything in 2016.

The band is planning a new album scheduled for October 12th, 2018 called Beside Myself in collaboration with Warner Bros music and will feature new single ‘Disconnect’ alongside the rest of the album. The tracklist features the following songs:

  1. ‘Disconnect’
  2. ‘Be Here Now’
  3. ‘Nothing Left’
  4. ‘Ultraviolet’
  5. ‘Keepsake’
  6. ‘Changing Lanes’
  7. ‘Stigmata’
  8. ‘New Coast’
  9. ‘Just A Life’
  10. ‘Slip Away’
  11. ‘Reason For Breathing’
  12. ‘Right Here’

If you are already a fan of the group, they are touring this year opening at the Manchester Club Academy this November and they will continue on through Leeds, up through Glasgow and include Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol and Kentish town. A world tour has not yet been confirmed but you have still got some time to buy tickets. If you are based in Manchester, the event is almost sold out so make sure you get online fast!

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