BADSOMA, 'Heat And Disorder' – New Music


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BADSOMA, ‘Heat And Disorder’ – New Music

Photo Credit: BADSOMA
Words: | July 29, 2022
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The stunning new song by BADSOMA, ‘Heat And Disorder’ proves that the rumours about him being an unstoppable force are true; he is an artist on the rise! Arguably, it is his most intriguing work to date, and it arrives at a moment when we are clamouring for novel music like this!

‘Heat And Disorder’ combines elements of gritty indie rock with a foundation of electro-pop, and the end result is something that sends goosebumps racing up the back of the spine. The songwriter, who resides in California, doesn’t hold anything back in his delivery, and he captivates with a soundscape that you probably won’t find anywhere else in the scene right now.

Vocally, BADSOMA glides over the airwaves with an aesthetic that immediately pulls us back for another fix the moment it reaches its conclusion.

Check it out below.

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