Bad Boy ‘Ed’ Is In Hot Water With Neighbours (Again)

Ed Sheeran recently sparked anger amongst his neighbours for adding a ‘wildlife pond’. Moreover, they fear the pond will be used as a swimming pool at his home in Suffolk.

Now, according to the mail on Sunday, he has found himself in yet more trouble with his neighbours by adding a 16ft pub sign. This has resulted in the local council opening an investigation into the sign. Therefore, they will be sending planning officials round to Ed’s home. After the visit, they will decide whether or not it should be taken down.

The sign hangs outside the Grade II-listed barn that he converted into a pub which he named ‘The Lancaster Lock’ after his wife Cherry Seaborn, whose middle name is Lancaster.

Ed Sheeran

The image above shows the 16ft bar sign which has been disapproved by his neighbours.

A neighbour spoke to the Mail on Sunday about this new feature and they said: ‘It seems Ed is now doing what he wants. He seems to be getting permission for some things but thinking he can get away with other aspects of his renovations.’

Do you believe Ed should be able to keep his bar sign? Have your say on Ed Sheeran and his home improvements by leaving a comment below.

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Written by Dana Miller, Head of Music News for GSGM


  • Jane Bean

    Let Ed and Cherry get on with their lives. Focus on the amazing work he does for charity. Also the credibility he has brought to the British music industry. He is the greatest singer/songwriter we have ever had! Stop spying on them and get a life!

  • Janet Andrew

    The neighbours need to mind their own business, they are probably only jealous. When the trees grow it won’t be seen anyway.

  • Anonymous

    He paid for his home and he should do with it as he see fit. It’s not hurting anyone the neighbors need to stay on their on side of the road.

    Move to KY we would love to have you here.

    Deborah Gibson

  • Anonymous

    Please, just leave them the he’ll alone and mind your own business!!!!!

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