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Arctic Monkeys Unveil New Song, ‘Anyways’

After one of the most successful years in the band’s history, today Arctic Monkeys unveiled their 7” vinyl pressing of title track from recent album “Tranquillity Base Hotel + Casino”. The vinyl comes after the band sky-rocketed with the fastest selling LP vinyl pressing of the last 25 years. To keep the spirit of TBH+C alive, the band introduced B-side “Anyways” to the bill alongside its title track. As dedicated Monkeys fans will tell you, their B-sides are a set of wonder that should have more recognition than what they do. Did we all forget the 2007 collaboration with Dizzee Rascal? Or are we going to keep pretending that that didn’t happen? Needless to say, this B-side certainly does not disappoint.

The track carries on with the melodic smoothness that although we were initially shocked with, has shown how truly diverse and musically talented Arctic Monkeys are. In keeping with TBHC prowess, ‘Anyways’ is full of the same raw vocals and poetic charm amongst all the other tracks. If anything, the choice of artwork showing Mr Turner almost bewildered in thought whilst hoovering at what can only be assumed as the infamous ‘Tranquillity Base Hotel + Casino’ completely sums up the how the album should be listened, chuck it on whilst doing your housework or something. Either way, it’s certainly one for those laidback afternoons or late night, red wine-infused kick-backs. Riddled with smooth jazz drum snares and rusty bass chords, its cinematic to say the very least.

The vinyl release follows the band releasing a documentary short video in October with behind the scenes footage of the recording of their 6thalbum, alongside live performances from the tour so far. The documentary titled ‘Warp Speed Chic’ has been shot by director Ben Chappelle with a rustic, dated VCR shine to it. If there’s an aesthetic you apply to your imagination when listening to TBH+C, it’s certainly a grain-tinged home video.


So, whilst Arctic Monkeys continue to relentlessly tour the rest of the globe with dates in Australia, Mexico and South America still to come, as well as a stop off date at Lollapalooza in Brazil, we can keep on lavishing in the matured, young men from Sheffield with this latest release. We’ve loved them from the early days of drinking on the streets of Sheffield in tracks such as ‘Red Lights Indicate Doors Are Secure’ to the greasy slime of the rock & roll of ‘AM’. But ‘Anyways’ for the time being, this new outlandish journey for Arctic Monkeys can keep on surprising us, we will always, always want more.

The 7” vinyl comes with a digital download available for both tracks and can be listened to on all streaming platforms now.

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