Apple Music and American Airlines Bring Streaming to Flights

Beginning this month, you can tune into Apple Music whilst flying on any domestic American Airlines flight. As long as its equipped with Viasat Satellite Wi-Fi. No in-flight purchase, no paid for Wi-Fi service needed. All you need is a device capable of logging into an Apple Music account. If you don’t have a subscription, you can sign up for one after connecting to free in-flight WiFi. This way you can set up an account and claim your first three months.

Now Apple Music subscribers can enjoy their access to over 50 million songs, playlists and music videos in the air. This makes American Airlines is the first commercial airline to provide exclusive access to Apple Music through complimentary inflight Wi-Fi.

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Oliver Schusser, vice president of Apple Music stated “For most travelers, having music to listen to on the plane is just as important as anything they pack in their suitcases,” “With the addition of Apple Music on American flights, we are excited that customers can now enjoy their music in even more places. Subscribers can stream all their favorite songs and artists in the air, and continue to listen to their personal library offline, giving them everything they need to truly sit back, relax and enjoy their flight.”

Janelle Anderson, vice president of Global Marketing at American. Airlines said“Our guests want to make the most of their time when flying us. That’s why we’re investing in faster Wi-Fi, a variety of entertainment options, and why we’re so excited to introduce Apple Music to more of our customers,”. “Providing customers with more ways to stay connected throughout each flight is one way to show we value their business and the time they spend with us.”

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Apple Music Exclusives

Futhermore, Apple Music subscribers on American Airlines flights can enjoy unique city-themed playlists for their journey. This is in addition to exclusive content such as in-depth artist interviews and the Beats 1 global livestream. It’s a simple process that will allow you to log in before even leaving the tarmac. Your in-flight game has never been quite so strong! This could be a shift in the right direction for streaming services. Soon we could see ourselves no longer needing the ‘saved offline’ option.

Visit here to learn more and listen onboard from now.

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