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Apple Music launches its first curated ‘Peaceful Music’ playlist with Universal Music Group

The world leader in music-based entertainment, Universal Music Group, recently announced its latest creation of the ‘Peaceful Music’ playlist in collaboration with Apple Music. Over the recent years, music for relaxation has become one of the biggest playlist genres on music streaming services. With 4.6million of Spotify’s users tuning in to its own counting sheep playlist “Peaceful Piano” monthly, it is clear to see that the market for this genre has significantly grown.

The 51-track playlist has been created by UMG alongside the Apple team including many of its own artists. Curated by hypothetical ‘sleep therapist’ composer Max Richter, the playlist blends together the best in ambient, chill, electronic and contemporary music. Richter describes the tracks that feature on the playlist by saying “they don’t flood your consciousness and leave you room to think” making it the ideal listen for those travelling to work, studying for exams or even taking part in a yoga class. The whole point is, they’ve created it for everyone. Richter’s describes his own 204-track album, Sleep, as an 8-hour lullaby set out to achieve that seemingly sought-after REM. So if anyone’s going to be helping you catch them Zzz’s, Richter’s certainly the only man for the job. Richter’s own tracks feature on the playlist alongside other composers such as Sigur Ros and Philip Glass making it the highest quality soundtrack from an innovative genre of artists.

For the time being, the playlist is only available on Apple Music with the likelihood of it remaining this way. The playlist marks the first time Apple Music has collaborated with a major label to create a branded playlist that will regularly be curated by artists. With additions to the playlist looking likely in the future from other composes, it’s certainly an exciting time for Apple users. Does this mean that we could be looking at more tailored playlists from Apple and UMG in future? Who knows. With the success and popularity of Spotify’s playlists across all genres it’s definitely something that Apple is looking likely to challenge.

You can get listening to ‘Peaceful Music’ over on iTunes now.


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