Angelo Flow x J Spades x Diztortion, 'Hot Steppa' – New Music


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Angelo Flow x J Spades x Diztortion, ‘Hot Steppa’ – New Music

Angelo Flow x J Spades x Diztortion
Photo Credit: Angelo Flow x J Spades x Diztortion
Words: | March 24, 2023
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With their staggeringly successful new single, ‘Hot Steppa’, Angelo Flow, J Spades, and Diztortion all rise to the occasion with might! The release also comes with a highly-engaging video brought to us all by Candela Records.

The three of them move us with a driving anthem that even your grandma will sway to this early spring. They are charming, possessing a quality that is difficult to find elsewhere, and they are responsible for gripping us to the speakers’ rim. It has a basis that makes you feel good, and it explores unusual nooks and crannys while moving in a contemporary way.

The track is invigorating because it is filled with vigour and it pushes the boundaries of the game; this is what makes the track so great. Due to the fact that I had never heard this song before, I was not sure what to anticipate from it. Yet, the track surprised me with an edge that I can’t seem to shake off no matter how hard I try. Because of this, I have been coming back to this one with great anticipation ever since I first pressed the play button.

‘Hot Steppa’ contains a number of unexpected musical twists and turns. As a direct consequence of this, the excitement is like water dripping out of a tap.

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