Angelo Basham And F.R.ED, 'Peça Única' – New Music


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Angelo Basham And F.R.ED, ‘Peça Única’ – New Music

Angelo Basham
Photo Credit: Angelo Basham
Words: | December 5, 2022
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With the release of their newest single, ‘Peça Única’, Angelo Basham and F.R.ED have taken the spotlight. Ever since it was placed on our desk, our attention has been riveted on it.

Angelo creates an experience that is energising and warmly appealing by combining contemporary components with a nostalgic air. Additionally, F.R.ED’s vocals have a lot of vitality, and he creates a seamless synergy with the musical backdrop, which both takes us on a journey and has an effect that lasts for a long time.

Overall, this one is a release that has no limitations; it is contagious, and it includes all of the necessary ingredients to find its way into the songbook of the contemporary day.

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