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Ancient Shapes present new album in London

Daniel Romano’s side project played their first ever gig in London at The Waiting Room, presenting the songs of their latest album ‘Silent Rave’.

The band played for a short half hour, meeting the standards of an old-school punk rock band: two and a half minute tunes, fast strummed guitars and no rests for the drummer between songs.

Starting a minute before their scheduled show time, the band also played songs from their debut and homonym CD, which was released only a year ago, showing up Romano’s hyperactivity as a songwriter.

Among the highlights of the gig was ‘Giant Comma’, the single of their latest album, ‘Black Leather Jacket’ and ‘The Girl of God’s Lips’, as well as the frantic ‘Mental Slavery (We Can’t Quit)’, that proved the drummer’s physical condition.

This time with long straight hair, Romano jumped on stage with a silk kerchief tied to his neck, and conquered the room right from the start.

The Canadian, who is well known for – to put it someway – not entirely following the music industry’s rules, has been pretty busy lately.

Aside from Ancient Shapes, he has just released ‘All the Reaching Trims’, the second single of his new album Finally Free, which will be in stores on November 30 via New West Records.

Following Modern Pressure – which brought great tracks such as ‘Roya’, ‘The Pride of Queens’ and ‘Ugly Human Heart’ part one and two – and maybe because he is as much a musician as an artist, Romano put out two new albums on his Bandcamp page.

‘Human Touch’ and ‘Nerveless’, which are not in the singer’s Spotify account, are difficult to find now as they have been deleted from the page, and were on download only when they were released.

Ancient Shapes will continue their tour in Europe, visiting The Netherlands and Sweden during October and November.


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