Alex Michael Debuts Massive Single 'Another Love'

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Alex Michael, ‘Another Love’ – Single Review

‘Another Love’ is a damn strong debut single from singer/songwriter Alex Michael. It’s a calm indie track, with refined instrumentals and a heavy helping of Alex Michael’s soothing vocals. The track focuses on a pretty tough subject. It’s about a partner you’re so desperately in love with craving somebody else, and needing something more than what you can offer them. So as life goes. It’s pretty brutal, but doesn’t feel so with upbeat guitar, fast paced drums and Michael’s almost cheerful vocals. In the track Michael yearns for the person he loves. However, they in turn are yearning to feel fulfilled by someone else’s love. From Michael’s side it feels jealous and entitled, but all too relatable. It’s more so a longing and a desperate cry for what you feel like you truly need to keep going.

Shimmering indie and soulful pop. Alex Michael dives onto the scene with his first single.

‘Another Love’ pulls at the heartstrings and has become as a bit of a hit already. Dermot O’Leary played the track on his BBC Radio 2 Show, and with the buzz around this track and Michael right now, it’s likely his next track will cause an even bigger splash. Though this isn’t Michael’s first foray into music however. He’s played in Newcastle bands from the age of 17, even selling out venues in the city. He even released an EP under another moniker. But now, he stands as a solo artist, asking the question ‘why’d you need another love?’

To Volatile Weekly, Alex Michael said on the track: “Another Love is written about an aching distance between the things we love to do and the people we love to be with. At its core, the record is about a human display of hedonistic behaviour, in which we continuously pursue new pleasures and experiences endlessly hoping to find fulfilment”.

Alex Michael finds inspiration in The 1975, Ben Howard and others. ‘Another Love’ feels very much like The 1975 in the best way, it’s heartfelt lyrics are reminiscent of ‘Somebody Else’ and with any luck, he’ll reach the same levels of success.

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