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Alex James: “Even When We Split Up, It Didn’t Take This Long To Get It Together”

Alex James
Photo Credit: Cecil | Words: | November 18, 2022
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Alex James, the bassist for Blur, recently had a conversation with Johnny Vaughan in which he discussed his band reuniting after an absence of eight years.

Furthermore, Alex said: “Keeping it in the bag has been tricky because one of the kids found out and told all the others, then they started telling their… I was like, ‘No, no! You could totally ruin it!’ But they’re really excited!

It’s eight years since the last time we got back together, so my eldest, who’s now smoking my fags, he was in short trousers then. Even when we split up, it didn’t take this long to get it together.

Two weeks ago, I really didn’t think it would happen… and the drummer was like, ‘I don’t think it’s gonna happen’… but we announced Wembley on Monday and I can’t believe it, it’s gone crazy. You never quite know whether people have forgotten you or not. But we did get back in a room together a couple of weeks ago and just bashed through it all.

It’s a lovely thing to dip back into, but it does take me two years to recover.”

George Millington

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