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Adia Victoria, ‘Dope Queen Blues’ – Single Review

The Nashville-based songwriter teamed-up with The National’s Aaron Dessner to record ‘Dope Queen Blues’, in her first appearance since ‘Baby Blues EP’.

The track is a mesmerising one that somehow reminds to PJ Harvey. The three minute-long track starts with Dessner’s hammering the piano, going in crescendo until a grand finale that must a great experience to listen when played live.

Victoria wrote this song when she was living in Atlanta in her early 20s, during what she calls a “hazy, wild, debaucherous time”.

“To write this song, I had to put myself back in the shoes of that 20-year old who had just absolute freedom. Who was carefree and reveled in all of her voices,” Victoria said on her Twitter account.

“It’s a culmination / to my ruination. We are lost in vain,” sings Victoria in the chorus of the new track, when a massive groove takes over.

“Cause I had I thought I am a god / of this I am convinced,” she goes on.

The singer released her debut album ‘Beyond the Bloodhounds’ in 2016, with great tracks such as ‘Out of Love’, ‘Horrible Weather’ and ‘Sea of Sand’.

Then two EPs followed in 2017, the aforementioned ‘Baby Blues EP’ and ‘How It Feels’, with the American touring Europe for the first time ever.

The first of the two projected in an excellent manner the hypnotic, heartfelt and melancholic dark mood that invades the stage when Victoria goes up.

In ‘How It Feels’, the songwriter came up showing a different face of her, with three of its four songs in sung in French.

There are no dates announced in Europe, but Adia Victoria is playing regularly in the US, with her next show at Deep Blues Festival in Mississippi, sharing bill with Bob Log III, Big George Brock and Jimbo Mathus.


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