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Adam Lambert: ‘Is this going to be taken away from me at any moment?’

Words: | January 6, 2023
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Adam Lambert has revealed that he suffers from anxiety and discussed his experiences working in the music industry in an interview with Fearne Cotton that was broadcast on her podcast, ‘Happy Place’.

Furthermore, Lambert said: “I had my fair share of different anxiety triggers over the years, but I didn’t know to call it that. I didn’t realise that is what I was dealing with. I thought I was just busy or stressed and the more I started reading about things and then doing some therapy and talking to people, I was like ‘oh wow, I have anxiety.’”

“One of the things that’s difficult is you’re on tour and you want to deliver at the same level every night, and if some night you’re feeling a little bit off or down or not as much energy, you start beating yourself up.”

“I think early on, with the Queen stuff and with touring on my own, with all this anxiety that I was dealing with, the other thing I was using to deal with it, probably incorrectly, was alcohol. I was drinking too much. It never got to the point where I felt like I was out of control. It’s just a fine line of how much is too much.”

“I think one of the things I realised about all of it, is that part of the issue is that staying in your own head is isolating. If you’re isolating yourself, you’re not doing yourself any favours for this issue. So, like Britain Get Talking says, the more I talk with other people about how they feel, all of a sudden I feel a lot better.”

“And I started getting really in my head during performances and being really hard on myself. But what was happening was, instead of being that clear, I was projecting that anxiety onto an inanimate object, which was the sound mix. I was displacing actually looking in the mirror at myself and putting it on something I could blame and control, putting it on something that was outside of me. And I didn’t realise it for years. But I found out, in doing some therapy and stuff, this is common, in many cases, for people that aren’t entertainers too, to find something outside of you, cause you don’t want to deal with looking in the mirror, and that’s self-protective.’

“The expectation that the public starts to have about you, that puts a lot on your plate. And I think the thing that stressed me out a lot in the first few years was ‘is this going to be taken away from me at any moment?’ It was this anxiety that the rug was going to be pulled out from under me before I realised it and I was just going to be humiliated, and that was the fear I had. That was something I had to get clear on, you can’t control everything.”

“During the pandemic, my perspective shifted a little bit, in a good way. I think I became clearer on what my priorities were personally and how to better balance that in my own mind. Things can happen where you have success, and you feel really great and then maybe something doesn’t work out and if you’re not careful and you’re putting too much of your own identity and worth in your career and you can’t really control it, when those mishaps happen, you can’t let that tear you apart. You have to figure out a way to function.”

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