A Star Is Born-A musical breakthrough!

I went to see A Star Is Born on Saturday. It was indeed a very impressive film and no doubt I left the cinema with even more respect for Lady Gaga and a new found respect for Bradley Cooper who not only does an amazing job as a film director but his singing voice was such a wonderful surprise. The whole film focuses on the struggles of making it to the top. The struggles to become a musical star. Whereas you may know that this is not an original script, what you may not know, is that this story has now been recreated four times. The very first version of A Star Is Born made back in 1937 featuring Janet Gaynor and Fredric March although everyone remembers the version with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson.

There are so many songs I could talk about from the film but perhaps the most recognisable and probably the favourite amongst the fans is the one that united Gaga and Coopers’ characters together- Shallow. A soft, meaningful song that actually has lyrics that make sense and give a message throughout. There are no gimmicks. No fancy dress. It’s a perfect song. The whole film delivers raw talent and a musical journey for the ears.

It’s understandable why fans of the film are asking for the song to be nominated for an Oscar award. The tune brought a tear to my eyes and I think I did a good job of fighting them back as compared to the many who were left balling their eyes out towards the end of the scene. The soundtrack is available to buy now and it’s clear we need more music like this in our collection. An emotional rollercoaster of a film? Yes. A musical breakthrough? Definitely. Worth a trip to the cinema? What a question…Of course, it is.

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