Apple Music and American Airlines Bring Streaming to Flights

Apple Music

Beginning this month, you can tune into Apple Music whilst flying on any domestic American Airlines flight. As long as its equipped with Viasat Satellite Wi-Fi. No in-flight purchase, no paid for Wi-Fi service needed. All you need is a device capable of logging into an Apple Music account. If you don’t have a subscription, you can sign up for one after connecting to free in-flight WiFi. This way you can set up an account…

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Apple Music launches its first curated ‘Peaceful Music’ playlist with Universal Music Group

Max Richter

The world leader in music-based entertainment, Universal Music Group, recently announced its latest creation of the ‘Peaceful Music’ playlist in collaboration with Apple Music. Over the recent years, music for relaxation has become one of the biggest playlist genres on music streaming services. With 4.6million of Spotify’s users tuning in to its own counting sheep playlist “Peaceful Piano” monthly, it is clear to see that the market for this genre has significantly grown. The 51-track…

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Apple Music Wants To Reduce Royalty Rates To Artists

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This looks bad. Real bad. But is it? Apple, one of the newer players in the world of online digital music streaming. Are reportedly coming to the end of long licensing deals with record labels for both Apple Music and iTunes. With sources at Bloomberg saying that these are done by June. The big three labels are Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group. All be in negotiations with the streaming services over how…

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Apple denies reports that they are retiring the iTunes Music Store in 2019

Apple has recently denied reports suggesting that they are likely to retire the iTunes Music Store as soon as 2019. Apple launched their own streaming service Apple Music back in 2015 – Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the time: “It will change the way you experience music forever” but rumours say that a “phase-out” is currently underway. Apple has recently bought the popular music recognition app Shazam. A service that was launched back in…

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Tom Grennan Picks Up BBC Music Introducing Artist Of The Year


Tom Grennan has picked up BBC Music Introducing Artist of the Year for 2018 after taking to music in 2012. Following  in the footsteps of Declan McKenna and Catfish and the Bottlemen, he has been handed the iconic award but music has not always been Grennan’s calling. It all started back in 2012 when Tom was part of band The Jebs and in 2013 they appeared on BBC Introducing in Befordshire and in 2014, he…

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Over a third of music consumers still pirate music


The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) has announced findings that approximately 38% of global music consumers access their music through illegal means. Results were found by looking into 20 of the world’s biggest music markets, including the United Kingdom. Music is more accessible than it ever has been as of 2018 but this has not stopped those who wish to pirate music from doing so. Breaking down the piracy, you’ll find 32% of…

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New music from HOLLOWAY ROAD out now ‘Hang Over Here’

Holloway Road have announced their third EP Broke, which is due for release on Sept 14th 2018, and shared the first single ‘Hang Over Here’, available to stream today and to download immediately for fans who pre-order the EP. The duo are celebrating the announcement tomorrow (Sat Aug 25th) with their highest gig to date at The Shard, the tallest building in London as part of their Summer Sessions series; before wrapping up a busy festival season…

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Apple to buy Shazam for $400m

Apple has acquired Shazam, the popular music identification app that was founded in 1999 and that is averagely used 20 million times a day around the world. Shazam lets users identify songs, movies, TV shows and commercials from short audio clips. While Shazam identifies a song or other audio playing, it shows ads to users, even when it fails to identify a bit of audio, usually due to inadequate time or quality of sound. An…

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Tips for Musicians in a Digital World

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Ask two people about the state of the music industry and you’ll get three answers. It’s certainly true that music has faced some real challenges. With the rise of the internet, but it hasn’t all been a disaster! Far more people are producing and composing music than ever before. Collectively pushing music and sound design to the fringes of artistic expression. The internet, whilst the nightmare of the large record companies. Has provided a launching…

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Beyonce Does Care About Streaming Numbers After All


Beyonce previously released her iconic ‘Lemonade’ album exclusively on her husband Jay Z’s streaming platform Tidal. As a result, she went against all the other major streaming companies including Spotify and Apple Music. In the release Beyonce sings ”If I gave two f**ks about streaming numbers/Would have put Lemonade up on Spotify’. This is heard in the ‘Nice’ track. However, it now appears that Beyonce does give care about streaming numbers after all. This has…

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