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Photo Credit: 88YAMI
Words: | July 30, 2021
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We can’t get enough of 88YAMI’s new hip hop hit ‘MY CITY,’ which he collaborated on with YOURBOYMARS. Both musicians are from Perth, and they have been fast rising through the ranks in recent years, as evidenced by this new release.

‘MY CITY’ starts strong with a melodious rap tune that sinks its claws into the soul. 88YAMI’s approach is original, and he stands out like the proverbial thumb, but for all the right reasons. Furthermore, he is invigorating and sets the path for future sounds.

Similarly, a guitar rhythm synergizes seamlessly with a powerful drum hit, giving the entire song a zest like no other and causing goosebumps to rise in a frenzy!

Also, in the second verse, YOURBOYMARS, who rises to the situation, gives the track a new edge and doesn’t hold back with his intrepidity flashing out of the compound like a bright star in the night sky!

You can check out the official video for ‘MY CITY’ below.

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