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6ix 9ine Cancels US Tour, ‘Fires Staff’ And Is Releasing A New Album

Test my gangster!

That’s probably what will be written on the headstone of Tekashi 6ix 9ine, if he continues to live by that motto. In the last year he’s battled numerous legal issues, survived 3 gun shootings, a kidnapping, extortion and industry blackballing.

The problems seem to be mounting up for 6ix 9ine, as he’s fired he’s fired his staff and cancelled his US tour. He jumped on Power 105’s, The Breakfast Club, for an interview with Charlamagne tha God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy to talk about it all.

Now it may come as no surprise that the cancellation of his tour and the (5th) team firing are linked. 6ix 9ine said that the promoters, MTA Booking, were stealing from him. His argument is that they lowballed him straight out the gate :

“Ask anyone, I only do shows for $100k minimum. The promoters are telling me, I’m only going to make $60k. When I asked them why, they told me that venues were scared of me so they had to pay for the security and local police in the cities. They are cleaning up my image in the public eye. So I accepted it”

For some reason there was one venue he didn’t want to perform at, which to him is no big thing:

“There are always more venues to perform at, so I’m not worried about being banned or not allowed to perform in some places”.

Now, when Tekashi found out that he’d been booked on a 15 date tour for $3.6 million, he began to unveil something deeper than just hip hop.

“Some people who had booked me to perform at another show, received a call from my booking agents, MTA, who gave these peoples my mother’s address, then instructed them to hurt my mother in some way if I don’t do the show!”

Still 6ix 9ine is positive about the future, revealing the track list of his up and coming album ‘Dummy Boy’ due out November 23rd

From what I’ve heard on Instagram, the album sounds like fire and I love the fact that he’s working with Scott Storch. The track listing shows an album full of features, including Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Tory Lanez, A boogie, Gunna and a special appearance from Bobby Shmurda, phoned in from prison ( Like O.D.B. on the Wu – Tang Clan’s Gravel Pit)

The cover is of him peeing a rainbow coloured stream. It’s further proof of him being a king of trolling, as it is in reference to his Breakfast Club interview, where he stated:

“If I go outside this building and pee in the street, it’ll be headline news! But if two people of ethnic minority shoot each other, you would never hear about it in the news”.

Despite all this, he still shows that he cares for the youth and community, which shows a surprisingly human and compassionate side to him.

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