The Raconteurs, ‘Sunday Driver’ – Single Review

Time flies! Time is a lie! Why? Well, the Raconteurs are back with a new single. And what a single!

Their start

 The Raconteurs’ first album, ‘Broken Boy Soldiers’, came out in 2006, almost 13 years ago. It covered their wonderful hit, “Steady As She Goes.”

Subsequently, in 2008, the band released their second full length, ‘Consolers Of The Lonely’. Then, Jack White focused on The Dead Weather and even released three solo records. Brendan Benson released solo albums with a classic rock/power pop feel.  Jack Lawrence continued playing with The Dead Weather. Patrick Keeler engaged in several other projects, including a reunion with the reformed Afghan Whigs.

New Single! 

Now the Raconteurs are back, with a “double A-side” single and, sometime this year, they will release a full album.

However, you might wonder whether their overflowing energy and undisputable talent have undergone the passing of time. So, let me reassure you, their attitude is not just still there, but it has somehow improved over time like a well-aged wine.

Two awesome tracks: “Sunday Driver” and “Now That You’re Gone” are the sides of a 7″ single that adds up to the new Third Man Vault Package aimed at celebrating the 10th anniversary of Consolers Of The Lonely.

Luckily, both songs have now hit the streaming services, so you don’t have to be a Third Man subscriber to hear them.

As a result, you can immediately sense that the former White Stripes’ artist handles the Detroit rocker “Sunday Driver” while  Benson is behind the bluesy “Now That You’re Gone.”

By the way, Brenson, who is also a great songwriter, is always in charge of the structure while White chases his impulses and wanders, in order to comply with his imaginative nature. Therefore, whenever White exceeds, Brenson brings everything back into line.


‘Sunday Driver’

Consequently, it’s an absolute banger, an electrified and swaggering story in itself, characterized by a strong guitar feel. In the video, White displays an old rock star attitude, with the camera spinning at high speed around the band as they play.

‘Now That You Are Gone’

This track is a bluesy tune with introspective lyrics. The blues jams with rock, with a catchy riff and a structured, slow central beat. Brendan takes the lead here but does not prevent White from indulging in a guitar solo that is simply mesmerizing. The video is black-and-white: it shows the rough life of the burlesque performer Gia Genevieve, who ends up aiming a car at the band.

Obviously time will tell, but these two songs are brilliant and – personally – I’m pretty optimistic: the future album will certainly be unforgettable.

You can follow the band here

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