The Orielles, ‘Bobbi’s Second World’ – Single Review

The shape of Indie has been changing these past few years. Fading, are the angst-driven tales of nights out and youthful lust. There seems to be three paths that modern Indie has taken. There are the pursuers of punk influences guitar music filled with passion and energy. There are the more mellow, aesthetic driven tones that capture the deeper intricacies of human emotion. Yet, there is also a new breed of Indie, one that is fresh, exciting and has the potential to flourish under the current climate. Falling into this category is the Indie-disco cocktail of The Orielles.

After supporting The Magic Gang on their UK tour, the band are set for their own headline shows this December and have released a brand new single ‘Bobbi’s Second World’ to get the excitement building! The new track is as vibrant as ever. With the bass-led hook layered with textures you would have thought that they have just welcomed a new synth player into the band that is determined to prove his worth. Oh wait…they have, and the song doesn’t hide it.

The new addition adds a new flavour to their sound; It is bustling with tropical static and delivers the infectious energy that is typical of the band. Add into the mix the thought provoking vocals, delivered with a good dose of swagger and an instrumental breakdown that deconstructs the track’s rhythm before rebuilding it a new and even more vibrant fashion. The single also comes with a B-side, a cover of Peggy Gou’s ‘It Makes You Forget’ demonstrating the versatility of the band and should fill all fans of The Orielles with huge excitement as the project looks like it is heading in a very exciting direction for the future.

The band are playing London and Liverpool this December and then heading off around the UK in February and March 2019. Take a look at the band’s Facebook page to keep up to date with the tour and any new music.

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