Strictly The Worst?

Every Saturday on BBC one Strictly Come Dancing waltzes its way onto our TV screens providing us with an hour and a half of glorious dancing accompanied with an orchestra of live music. In charge of keeping the harmonies in tact is David Arch who arranges, and plays the guitar and piano. There is a massive Strictly community who are loyal to the bitter end but after following the show week after week, there is only one problem affecting the show – the band.

If you listen carefully enough, the vocals from certain singers are simply not up to par with the quality of the dancing. I’m not saying all the singers are bad but there have been certain weeks where the singing was so bad, I’ve taken to pressing the mute button to avoid my ears aching. Growing up attending a university full of musical talent teaches you a thing or two about certain sounds that resonate well with certain situations. There are many who will probably disagree and praise the band on it’s performances but when you watch the Sunday shows and compare them to the guest singers, you see a massive difference. There are a few examples showing moments when the band messed up horribly.

On the Halloween results show, the band performed ‘Poison‘ by Nicole Scherzinger. The woman herself sat and endured the gruelling three minutes of her song being completely and totally ripped apart. It’s safe to say the results of the performance encouraged quite the conversation on Twitter. “I really hope Nicole invades the stage, steals the microphone and takes over singing Poison when AJ and Lauren start dancing..” Tweeted one whilst another commented “This cover of Poison is not good. Nicole is right there, BBC.” Perhaps the band need a good old vocal warm up before every show like every other professional does?

As a freelance journalist, I love having the freedom to go out and find new talent to write about. Music has always been a huge part of my life (along with food) and it's always exciting finding new artists to listen to.

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