Big Band Week on X Factor Wrecks The Rules

This weekend The X Factor went live with possibly one of the greatest themes in the whole show- big band week. It’s a chance for the remaining acts to perform with a live band on stage whilst crooning their way through some smooth classics. It is a chance for them to use the whole stage and its additional performers and musicians.

It seems however, there were a couple of rule breakers during Saturday’s show with the likes of Brendan Murray, Acacia and Aaliyah and Bella Penfold breaking the “big band” theme and opting for pop songs and originals. This left fans outraged as they felt the whole feel of the show was ruined.

I also got that vibe and feel that going forward, the bosses on the show should be listening to the audience instead of allowing the judges to go in the direction they choose. Fair enough, Brendan and Dalton simply blew the competition out of the water with their song renditions but perhaps their mentors should stick a little closer to the brief. Fans, as usual, were not afraid to speak out against this faux pas. One of them tweeted “So less ‘big band’ and more just ‘perform with a band’?? I’m not complaining, but why refer to it at all?? #xfactor,” Another wrote “What the hell happened to #BigBand #XFactor? Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Michael Bublé? They are big band artists, not this s**t show they’re putting on!”

Next week is the semi-finals of the show and if the same formula as last year applies, we should see some amazing celebrity duets and possibly a sneak peek of the Christmas single for the winner. Results night was a shocker with Bella Penfold leaving the show in the first half and Shan leaving later on in the night proving that when you fail to follow the rules, it comes back to bite you.


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