Paul McCartney says John Lennon only complimented his song writing once

Paul McCartney has recently revealed that John Lennon praised him for a song only once.

Reporter Sharyn Alfonsi from CBS and her 60 Minutes crew spent two days with McCartney at his recording studio in the south of England. McCartney gave two interviews and was nostalgic about the band’s last concert, a live session on the Apple Building’s roof in London.

Sir McCartney told the reporter many personal and intimate stories behind rare photos such as those taken on the set of the famous Abbey Road album cover shoot and another one of him and Lennon that he calls, “Very special for me…We’re obviously just two mates.”

During the interview, McCartney spoke openly about the well-known competitiveness with John and about the only time Lennon praised one of Paul’s songs, back in 1966.

“It was “Here, There and Everywhere” (from the album Revolver),” McCartney reveals. “John says just as it finishes, ‘That’s a really good song, lad. I love that song.’ And I’m like, ‘Yes! He likes it!’”

Lennon’s compliment was felt deeply. “I’ve remembered it to this day,” McCartney says, “It’s pathetic, really.” On his turn, McCartney stated that he would pay Lennon compliments, usually when “a little drunk.” “I would tell him his stuff was great. You’d normally have to be a little bit drunk. It helped,” he stated with a smile.

Alfonsi’s interview with McCartney will be broadcast on the 51st season premiere of 60 Minutes, Sunday, September 30 at 7:30 p.m. ET and 7:00 p.m. PT on CBS.

Regarding the Beatles, it was recently announced that the band’s ‘White Album’ is due for re-release to celebrate the record’s 50th anniversary. The seminal album was first released on November 22, 1968, and this anniversary will be celebrated with a series of “lavishly presented” packages, with its 30 tracks having been newly mixed by producer Giles Martin and mix engineer Sam Okell in stereo and 5.1 surround audio.

It will be released across a number of CD, vinyl and special art packages on November 9.

Sir McCartney has also announced the release of his first ever children’s book ‘Hey Grandude.’

“I’ve written a new children’s picture book,” said McCartney. “It’s called Hey Grandude! Why? Well… I’ve got eight grandchildren and they’re all beautiful and one day one of them said to me “Hey Grandude!”. I said “What?” and I thought, I kind of like that, so from then on I was kind of known as Grandude.

“So I thought, you know what, it’s actually a nice idea for a book, so I started to write some stories, and then I talked to the book publishers and they liked what I was doing.”

The book, illustrated by Kathryn Durst, will be published in September 2019.

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